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We strive to provide top notch and cutting edge software systems to achieve best solutions for our customers. As demands for scalable and intelligent systems are increasing, many firms are turning to Cloud Computing. GlobalInfo offers a wide range of Business Intelligent SaaS model applications under one roof.

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Making a smarter plan. Go SaaS

GlobalInfo Technology prides in providing the most efficient yet cost effective solutions to our customers. Throughout many business ventures, GlobalInfo Technology shaped very successful business model either by taking entire ownership of the projects on behalf of customers, shared development with partners, and even progressive consultation and guidance to support customer's projects.

GlobalInfo Technology's knowledge is primarily in Imaging and Document Management. We support and provide partners and customers with End-To-End solutions to fit their requirements with our ready-for-customization products. With vast amount of unsorted documents and information, companies are feeling the difficulty in handling and disseminating related information. Products such as Data Capturing, Data/Content Management, Cloud Storage/Computing, Business Intelligent Analyzers, etc., are becoming a necessity in every company.