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iVault is a secured online archival system that manages your organization information. The key emphasis of iVault is to deliver comprehensive electronic documents and records management solution to all organizations in a cost effective way by leveraging on the Cloud Computing platform.

iVault is SaaS

Offered as SaaS (software as a Service), iVault brings about many benefits to organizations. With the increasing of Internet bandwidth yet at affordable prices to the public, a comprehensive electronic documents and records management solution is no longer an expensive solution to adopt. Now every organization can implement a proper document and record management strategy with iVault.


  • Archiving of all document formats
  • Perform Fulltext Search, Index Search
  • Programmed Save Search
  • Individual favourite folder
  • Document Assignment (Work Flow)
  • Document download
  • Scan paper documents
  • Configurable folder templates
  • Universal file viewer
  • Document Annotation
  • Document retention management
  • Document version history
  • Document Check in / check out control
  • User administrative console
  • Encrypted file storage & transfer
  • Secure share with external users
  • File audit log
  • User access control

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